Pondres gets more personal with nShift

Pondres are masters of creatively tailored customer communications. nShift DeliveryHub has given them the freedom and flexibility to take personalization to a new level.

The Challenge

Pondres facilitates creative communication between companies and customers in three different ways: physical communication, digital communication, and fulfilment of webshop orders. When sending products, they believe a personal approach is paramount.

CEO, Marcel Winkelman, explains: “It doesn't just apply to the confirmation email that the customer receives when a parcel is sent. It's about the entire process. The communication on and in the box in which a product is sent is often forgotten. We help customers to increase the impact of the moment the parcel is received, by advising them and implementing the ideas.”

It is critical for Pondres to have a delivery management platform that enables them to tailor the customer experience to individual needs.

"We switched to the new system in one go and our existing customers reacted very enthusiastically!” - Marcel Winkelman, CEO of Pondres

The Solution

Since implementing nShift DeliveryHub, Pondres have been able to provide more tailored customer delivery solutions. Marcel says: “[nShift] offers an enormous range of transport options and service levels, so the right and best suited carrier is always chosen for the situation. In this way we are able to offer flexibility to our customers.”

The new system has also led directly to new business. “It is easier for new customers to join our system,” Marcel explains. “It offers a lot more possibilities and we can switch between carriers much faster. That's a huge gain!”

"[nShift] offers an enormous range of transport options and service levels, so the right and best suited carrier is always chosen for the situation.” - Marcel Winkelman, CEO of Pondres


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