Match/ Courtheoux Case study

Founded in 1875, European-based supermarket MATCH has over 122 stores throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. The MATCH chain of supermarkets is part of the Belgium-based Louis Delhaize Group SA, a leading regional food retailer with operations in north-eastern France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Romania. In Luxembourg, MATCH employs around 800 people in its 28 stores, comprising 13 Match-branded supermarkets and 15 smaller-format Smatch stores. Utilizing very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouse operations, MATCH can stock more inventory in less space, making their workflow highly efficient. The goal of this transformation is to improve its service to stores and customers.


Supermarché MATCH is a multinational supermarket retailer with over 220 stores throughout Belgium, France and Luxembourg. As they work to meet the growing needs and expectations of their customers, MATCH began to review their warehouse operations and management system. Utilizing a very-narrow-aisle (VNA) methodology, an operation that makes aisle widths 1 m (3.28 ft.) narrower than traditional aisles, MATCH utilizes every square meter of floorspace available to maximize their inventory. The VNA warehouse model requires paying special attention to the organization of the order picking process as well as a dynamic replenishment of picking locations to reduce total travel distance and ensure optimal product availability. MATCH began researching a long-term solution to automate their manual inventory management system and optimize their workflow. Specifically, MATCH was interested in increasing productivity and worker performance, while deploying a versatile, durable and user-friendly device that could be used throughout all aspects of the workflow. They required rugged full-touch PDA’s, wearables and longrange scanners and terminals that paired well with reach truck drivers.

Business needs

MATCH needed to deploy an allencompassing device into their workflow that could provide a one-stop solution delivered in an ergonomic, durable and versatile package. Knowing that the device would need to operate in a warehouse environment, MATCH required that the solution be user friendly but also durable and able to withstand long duration use. They also needed a solution that would be the best value for money in the long run, allowing them to reduce their total cost of ownership.


MATCH required a device that would be able to perform exceptionally during three shifts: from inventory receipt to stocking, as well as from picking to distribution. Device deployment among the workforce was not the only challenge, as they required for a device to pair with their warehouse management software (WMS), Openbravo. Additionally, to modernize their workflow within their warehouse, the device would need to complement their ongoing RFI and RFP efforts.


After researching multiple devices and companies, MATCH decided that Honeywell partner Reverse IT was immediately able to offer a long-term solution in the CT60 XP that directly fit their needs. The devices’ versatility allowed for it to be deployed in a wearable or handheld, scan-gun configuration, so that workers could comfortably and easily pick and scan items at short and long ranges. This was specifically valuable for MATCH’s VNA operations, which could require workers to scan barcodes up to 10 meters (32.8 feet) away. Offered on the Android platform also meant that the devices would stay relevant in their operations for years to come.

Additionally, with the CT60 XP backed by the Mobility Edge™ Platform, MATCH was able to reduce their total cost of ownership even further, knowing that the devices would be viable in the future.

Furthermore, the solution allowed for MATCH to track inventory levels and worker productivity in real time. The CT60 XP harmonized well with MATCH’s Openbravo warehouse management system, enabling them to quickly deploy the devices without extended downtime of changing the operating system environment.

aXialyze helps its clients improve performance by leveraging its global experience and by fostering true innovation. As a key partner of the next generation Unified Commerce Solution of Openbravo they have led the successful implementation of the Openbravo WMS in a record time of less than 6 months.

Match improved the productivity in the warehouse due to the smart tasks management feature. This feature automatically presents a list of tasks ordered by priority and travel sequence to the warehouse associate through the CT60 XP.

Being offered on the Android platform, within a few months, MATCH discovered that Reverse IT’s recommendation of the CT60 XP was the right choice. MATCH has since been able to optimize their business over the last year.

Looking to the future

Supermarché MATCH successfully transformed their supply chain strategy. They have chosen a unified omnichannel approach and have optimised every square meter of their warehouse in Dudelange. MATCH now has the agility they needed to transform operations in record time at a very competitive price.

MATCH teamed up with the right partners that not only understood their immediate needs but also understood their requirement to make sure their investments were future proof. The CT60 XP delivered a versatile, userfriendly device that can be used by all operators in the warehouse, whatever their task may be. With the CT60 XP they have one single device that operates during the three different shifts in the MATCH warehouse.

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