Addverb Technologies B.v.

Addverb is a robotics company that designs, manufactures and delivers end-to-end warehouse automation solutions, offering businesses a competitive edge by transforming their supply chain and intralogistics operations.

We manufacture AMRs, AGVs, ASRS, Picking Technologies, and develop AI-enabled Software for varied applications including storage, picking/sorting, and material handling.

Our own developed WES, WCS & FMS stack that runs the automation, makes us entirely one-point of contact for the customers. With the capabilities of even supplying a state-of-the-art WMS or connecting to any existing client WMS system, offering a versatile solution

With a diverse clientele worldwide such as Unilever, Reliance, Coca-Cola, and DHL, we have a strong global presence.



Werner von Siemenstraat, 13
2712 PN Zoetermeer

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Addverb Technologies B.v.
Vincent Rijnaars


Warehouse Equipment Integrators (Warehouse Equipment)

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CASE Lenskart

Lenskart is Asia’s largest eyewear company serving 40 million people, with more than 1500 omnichannel stores across 175 cities in India, Singapore and Dubai. Lenskart’s phygital approach to retailing eyewear has created a new market and spurred their exponential growth. To cater to this burgeoning growth, Lenskart intended to grow their production and required an automation solution that could cater to their unique phygital requirements (online + offline). With its innovative automation solution, Addverb enables Lenskart to cater to omnichannel distribution, and deliver more than 2,00,000 eyewear daily for the Indian and overseas markets

Case PepsiCo - Mathura (India)

PepsiCo wanted to set up their 4th production plant in India, which is also their largest plant & it is with a captive warehouse.

This being the largest plant and due to the storage and throughput issues they have been facing with the other 3 largely manually operated plants, they decided to go for a fully automated facility.

As part of that, they approached us for the automation of their warehouse.

Given the scale of the project, we decided to do it in 2 phases, where in, in Phase-1 we automated the Low Bay Area which deals with the storage of Lays, Doritos, Uncle chips and Quaker oats. Here, we weaved a solution around our mother-child ASRS.

Phase 2 gone live in 2023: we proposed a stacker crane based ASRS for the storage of the rest of the brands of Pepsi.

Case Study

One of the world's leading sports brands, needed an innovative warehouse automation solution to manage its omnichannel fulfilment operation in ANZ and required flexibility to manage seasonal peak demand. The operations required a smooth process flow to manage large number of SKUs, high dispatch volume and handle returns efficiently, and an intelligent warehousing software for accuracy and real-time visibility of inventory.

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