Day 1 : 30/04/2024

Stefan Rusu, Deloitte

Introduction to the course

  1. “Warehouse Automation Hardware Systems” – state-of-the-art and Industry 4.0 applications
    1. Technology and Automation Trends
    2. Case study #1: Goods-to-person (GTP) systems – “The 1.000.000 different SKU e-commerce DC”
    3. Case study #2: Lights-off warehousing via I4.0: IOT and robotics – “The first 3PL lights-off warehouse”

Jan De Kimpe, PICS Belgium, Logisol Pro, ART4L, KULeuven

  1. Evaluating the warehouse performance
    1. KPI’s and reporting
    2. Warehouse costing, Activity Base Costing in the warehouse
  2. Improving the warehouse performance
    1. Lean Warehousing and continuous improvement
    2. Warehouse physics highlights

Day 2: 07/05/2024

Luc Forceville, Logflow

  1. Warehouse design basics
    1. Principles and rules
    2. Data and process modeling
    3. Working on warehouse lay-out
    4. Case study work: presentation and participant application and presentation

Simon Popelier, Logflow

  1. How to decide on which automation and IT support ?
    1. WMS/WCS/WES in practice
    2. Linked to automation and hybrid systems
    3. When to deploy which type of automation

Day 3: 14/05/2024

Rolf Ceulemans, PWC

  1. Strategic decisions around warehousing
    1. Strategic fit in the overall supply chain and decisions around 3PL versus insourced, green- versus brownfield, manual versus (partially) automated,…)
    2. Working on the business case (Capex versus Opex, ROI, NPV, IRR,…)
    3. Business continuity planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

Jason Ashton, A-performance

  1. Warehousing software
    1. WMS
    2. WCS, WES and the interaction with MES
    3. Interaction with IOT (data collection, data check, positioning,…)

Day 4: 21/05/2024

Stefan Rusu, Deloitte

  1. “Warehouse Automation Hardware Systems” – the full picture for today and tomorrow
    1. Technology & Automation Systems – broad ecosystem overview
    2. Key Automation Design principles
    3. Digital/Data: Digital Twins and Machine learning paving the way to Logistics 2050

Jan De Kimpe, PICS Belgium, Logisol Pro, ART4L, KULeuven

  1. Warehouse implementation considerations
    1. Warehouse implementation road map and go-live strategies, including warehouse setup checklist
    2. RFP composition and proposal evaluation
    3. SLA definition


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